Top Choice Museum in Bicheno

Bicheno Motorcycle Museum

Andrew Quin got his first Honda at age four, and has been hooked on motorbikes ever since. You don’t have to be an aficionado, though, to visit his wonderful museum out the back of his bike-repair shop. It’s all shi…
Island in Bicheno

Diamond Island

Off the northern end of Redbill Beach is this photogenic granite outcrop, connected to the mainland via a short, semi-submerged, sandy isthmus, which you can wade across. Time your expedition with low tide – otherwi…
Beach in Bicheno

Redbill Beach

Backed by dunes, Bicheno's fabulous surf beach is long, wide and handsome. There’s usually a surf carnival held in the beach breaks here in January.
National Park in Bicheno

Douglas-Apsley National Park

Four kilometres north of Bicheno is the turn-off to Douglas-Apsley, an impressive park, with rocky peaks, eucalypt forest, waterfalls, abundant bird and animal life and a river gorge with deep swimming holes – and b…
Zoo in Bicheno


About 7km north of Bicheno, this wildlife park is overrun with native and non-native wildlife, including Tasmanian devils, wallabies, quolls, snakes, wombats and enormous roos. There are devil feedings daily at 10am…
Landmark in Bicheno


When the Tasman Sea swell gets up a head of steam, Bicheno's blowhole is something to behold – huge sprays of white water surge up through a crack in the coastal rocks with a thunderous boom. Even when the waves are…
Marine Reserve in Bicheno

Governor Island Marine Reserve

This marine reserve just offshore from Bicheno is a top diving spot, with kelp gardens and a deep drop-off that's home to myriad sponges and fish. Contact Bicheno Dive Centre if you want to get down into it.
Landmark in Bicheno

Waubedebar's Grave

The final resting place of Waubedebar, the local Aboriginal woman who fished a couple of hapless sailors from the surf in the early 1800s. Bicheno was actually called Waubedebar in her honour, from 1832 until the 18…
Landmark in Bicheno

The Gulch

In between the craggy rockscape of little Governor Island and the Bicheno shoreline is this deep gulch, where the town's fishing fleet shelters from the Tasman Sea swells.
Viewpoint in Bicheno

Whalers Hill

Scramble up to this lofty lookout and scan the horizon for whales: 'Thar she blows!'