Bells Beach & Point Addis restaurants

Cafe in Bells Beach & Point Addis

Farmers Place

On a pastoral stretch of the Great Ocean Road is this rustic farm cafe constructed from shipping containers and reclaimed timber. Much of the menu is either grown on its farm, or sourced from the area. As well as ta…
Desserts in Bells Beach & Point Addis

Great Ocean Road Chocolaterie & Ice Creamery

A sure way to placate those backseat nags of 'are we there yet?' is this roadside chocolaterie, located 11km outside Anglesea. It's a massive site that makes all of its own truffles and chocolates (try its bush-tuck…
Cafe in Bells Beach & Point Addis

Birdrock Cafe

Your classic old-school surfer hang out, this cafe-bar is decorated in cool murals and does pizzas, burgers, craft beers and good coffee. Breakfasts on the weekends only.
Cafe in Bells Beach & Point Addis

Cafe Swell

Attractive open-plan cafe popular for brunch items such as buttermilk hotcakes, organic sourdough toasties and healthy fresh juice blends.