Top Choice Waterfront in Geraldton


Geraldton's foreshore is a great example of waterfront redevelopment: loads of beach space and grassy spots, walking paths, picnic shelters, free barbecues, playgrounds (including a water-play park), cafes and event…
Top Choice Museum in Geraldton

Western Australian Museum – Geraldton

At one of the state's best museums, intelligent multimedia displays relate the area's natural, cultural and Indigenous history. The Shipwreck Gallery documents the tragic story of the Batavia, while 3D video footage…
Top Choice Monument in Geraldton

HMAS Sydney II Memorial

Commanding the hill overlooking Geraldton is this moving, multifaceted memorial commemorating the 1941 loss of the Sydney and its 645 men after a skirmish with the German raider Kormoran. Note the cupola over the pi…
Top Choice Lake in Horrocks & Port Gregory

Pink Lake

The most arresting sight in the area is Hutt Lagoon, which is more commonly referred to as 'Pink Lake'. Yes, the saltwater here is pink, due to the presence of the algae Dunaliella salina. The algae is a source of b…
River in Greenough

Ellendale Pool

About 25km northeast of Greenough (via the Walkaway-Nangetty Rd) is this scenic natural waterhole on the Greenough River, surrounded by a rocky gorge and giant gum trees. It's ideal for a swim and a picnic. Basic ca…
Waterfront in Kalbarri


In town, the river foreshore is lovely for a stroll or cycle – it has children's playgrounds (behind the town beach and by the jetty), picnic tables, barbecues, and fine swimming areas at the west end of town.
Church in Geraldton

Cathedral of St Francis Xavier Church

Geraldton's cathedral, built between 1916 and 1938, is arguably the finest example of the architectural achievements of the multi-skilled Monsignor John Hawes. The cathedral's striking features include imposing twin…
Bird Sanctuary in Kalbarri

Rainbow Jungle

Bird fans (and kids) will enjoy this bird park south of town – it's an Australian parrot breeding centre, and there's all manner of colourful feathered creatures to admire (local lorikeets and cockatoos, but also So…
Nature Reserve in Batavia Coast

Coalseam Conservation Park

Coalseam Conservation Park, on the Irwin River between Mullewa and Mingenew, has carpets of everlastings (paper daisies) in the spring wildflower season, a short loop walk, and ancient fossil shells embedded in its …
Historic Site in Greenough

Central Greenough Historic Settlement

Historic, windswept Greenough was an active administrative centre in its 1860s heyday. Nearly a dozen of its traditional stone buildings have been preserved under the auspices of the National Trust.The visitors cent…