Top things to do in Barkly Tableland & Gulf Country

Top Choice Nature Reserve in Barkly Tableland & Gulf Country

Caranbirini Conservation Reserve

Just off the Carpentaria Hwy, 46km south of Borroloola, this fine nature reserve is good for wildlife – including euros (wallaroos), agile wallabies and water goannas – and birdwatching (prize species include the Go…
Top Choice National Park in Roper Highway

Limmen National Park

A vast and rugged landscape, this 9608-sq-km national park is in the heart of tropical savannah country and appeals particularly to fisherfolk and 4WD enthusiasts. This is home to some of the most striking sandstone…
Top Choice Wildlife Reserve in Barkly Tableland & Gulf Country

Pungalina-Seven Emu Wildlife Sanctuary

Pungalina – Seven Emu represents a groundbreaking collaboration between the Australian Wildlife Conservancy and local traditional owners, merging wildlife conservation with a working cattle station in an area rich i…
Top Choice Arts Centre in Borroloola

Waralungku Arts Centre

This relaxed art centre on the main road through town showcases work by artists from the four different Indigenous-language groups in the area; the Yanyuwa, Garrwa, Marra and Gudanji people. Unlike the dot-painting …
Top Choice Gallery in Roper Highway

Ngukurr Arts Centre

This community-owned-and-run Indigenous arts centre is well worth the long trip out here, showcasing as it does works by artists from local Alawa, Mara, Ngalakan, Ngandi, Nunggubuyu, Rittarrngu and Wandarang clans; …
Australian in Borroloola

Carpentaria Grill

Easily the best place to eat in town, the Carpentaria Grill does Aussie pub staples, but the best choice is always the barra – served with garlic prawns or on its own cooked just the way you like it. There are speci…
Museum in Borroloola

Borroloola Museum

About three-quarters of the population of Borroloola is Indigenous and the town’s colourful history is displayed at the Borroloola Museum, alongside mining memorabilia, within the 1887 police station. If you find it…
Cultural in Borroloola

Malandarri Festival

This two-day event in October is Borroloola's biggest celebration, with traditional dance the focal point alongside artworks, markets, workshops and other activities.
Australian in Borroloola

Borroloola Hotel

Borroloola Hotel serves the usual pub fare of burgers, chops and mixed grills within a lounge bar that’s heavily reinforced with steel mesh.