Top things to do in Augusta & Around

Lighthouse in Augusta & Around

Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse

Wild and windy Cape Leeuwin, where the Indian and Southern Oceans meet, is the most southwesterly point in Australia. It takes its name from a Dutch ship that passed here in 1622. The lighthouse (1896), WA's tallest…
Cave in Augusta & Around

Jewel Cave

The most spectacular of the region's caves, Jewel Cave has an impressive 5.9m straw stalactite, so far the longest seen in a tourist cave. Fossil remains of a Tasmanian tiger (thylacine), believed to be 3500 years o…
Cafe in Augusta & Around

Colourpatch Café

Watch the Blackwood River meet the waters of Flinders Bay at the self-styled ‘last eating house before the Antarctic’, which sells fish from the ocean across the road.
Cafe in Augusta & Around

Deckchair Gourmet

Excellent coffee and good food. Try the bacon-and-egg wrap for breakfast while southern sunshine streams through the windows.
Bakery in Augusta & Around

Augusta Bakery & Cafe

Bakes good bread daily, with attached cafe where light lunches are served. Look forward to excellent pies too.
Museum in Augusta & Around

Augusta Historical Museum

Interesting local exhibits.