Top Choice Castle in Around Mission Beach

Paronella Park

Set beside a series of creeks and waterfalls 50km northwest of Mission Beach (with at least one resident croc), this unusual tropical park is a romantic, Dali-esque escape from reality. Day trippers wander dreamily …
Waterfall in Ingham & Around

Wallaman Falls

Located in Girringun National Park, 51km west of Ingham (the road is sealed except for the last 10km), the country's longest single-drop waterfalls look their best in the Wet, though they are spectacular at any time…
Viewpoint in Innisfail

Mamu Tropical Sky Walk

About 27km along the Palmerston Hwy (signposted 4km northwest of Innisfail), this canopy-level rainforest walkway gives you eye-level views of the fruits, flowers and birds, and a bird’s-eye perspective from its 100…
Wildlife Reserve in Ingham & Around

Tyto Wetlands

Tyto Wetlands is first and foremost a protected sanctuary for around 230 species of bird, including far-flung guests from Siberia and Japan. Yet it's also a fascinating community space where artists and educators co…
Gallery in Cardwell & Around

Girringun Aboriginal Art Centre

Traditional woven baskets, paintings and colourful wooden sculpture are among the works for sale at this corporation of Aboriginal artists with a burgeoning reputation.
Historic Building in Around Mission Beach

El Arish Tavern

The El Arish is an iconic North Queensland highway pub filled with farming and hunting paraphernalia and surrounded by a broad verandah held up by axe-cut wooden beams. The food is decent and the beer is cold. It's …
National Park in Innisfail

Wooroonooran National Park

The Palmerston (Doongan) Section of Wooroonooran National Park is home to some of the oldest continually surviving rainforest in Australia; NPRSR has details of campgrounds and walking trails.
Museum in Cardwell & Around

Historic Cardwell Post Office & Telegraph Station

Check out the original postal room and old telephone exchange at this wooden building (built in 1870), which has survived cyclones and termites.