Top Choice Lighthouse in Around Exmouth

Vlamingh Head Lighthouse

It's hard to miss this hilltop lighthouse built in 1912. Spectacular views of the entire cape make it a great place for whale spotting and sunset watching, and info panels given you excellent overviews of what makes…
Visitor Centre in Around Exmouth

Jurabi Turtle Centre

Visit this unmanned interpretive centre by day to study turtle lifecycles and obtain the DPaW pamphlet Marine Turtles in Ningaloo Marine Park. Return at night to observe nesting turtles and hatchlings (December to M…
Landmark in Around Exmouth

Harold E Holt Naval Communication Station

Six kilometres north of Exmouth is this naval communication station, built in the 1960s. The town of Exmouth was built at the same time as the station, to provide support to the base and to house US Navy personnel. …
Beach in Around Exmouth

Bundegi Beach

In the shadow of the VLF antenna array, and within cycling range of Exmouth (which is 13km to the south), the calm, sheltered waters of Bundegi Beach and accompanying reef provide pleasant swimming, snorkelling, div…
Shipwreck in Around Exmouth

SS Mildura Wreck

Follow the signpost from Yardie Creek Rd to find the 1907 cattle steamer shipwreck that ran aground on the reef. It's visible from shore.
Beach in Around Exmouth

Mauritius Beach

Clothing-optional beach near Vlamingh Head Lighthouse. It's 21km from Exmouth.