Around Albany attractions

National Park in Around Albany

Torndirrup National Park

Covering much of the peninsula enclosing the southern reaches of Princess Royal Harbour and King George Sound, this national park features windswept, ocean-bashed cliffs. The Gap is a natural cleft in the rock, chan…
Museum in Around Albany

Discovery Bay

When the Cheynes Beach Whaling Station ceased operations in November 1978, few could have guessed that the formerly gore-covered decks would eventually be covered in tourists discovering the area's bleakly fascinati…
Wildlife Reserve in Around Albany

Yongergnow Malleefowl Centre

The excellent community-managed and volunteer-run Yongergnow Malleefowl Centre is in Ongerup, about 50km north of the Mount Trio Bush Camping & Caravan Park. The centre is devoted to the conservation of the epon…
Nature Reserve in Around Albany

Two Peoples Bay

Around 20km east of Albany, Two Peoples Bay is a scenic 46-sq-km nature reserve with a good swimming beach.
National Park in Around Albany

Waychinicup National Park

In a beautiful spot by the Waychinicup River, where Gilbert's potoroos and scrub birds are often seen.