American River restaurants

Top Choice Thai in American River

KI Tru Thai

Hungry? Thursday night? If it's 'affirmative' to all of the above, wander over to this big steel farm shed (a couple of kilometers down a dirt road across from the American River turn-off) for some brilliant home-co…
Seafood in American River

Oyster Farm Shop

Run by a local oyster farm, this little shack acts as an outlet for sustainable seafood producers from all over KI. Oysters, marron, abalone, King George whiting…even barramundi, cooked into meals (nothing is deep-f…
Cafe in American River

Beach Barista

What a surprise! The best coffee in KI is at this pop-up coffee caravan at Pennington Bay surf beach. Grab a double-shot flat white, a slice of orange polenta cake or a ham-and-cheese toasted sandwich. If the swell …