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Located at the southern end of Pantai Cenang, Underwater World is one of the top attractions in Langkawi. This huge white building covering some 60,000 square feet area houses more than 4,000 marine creatures that includes over 500 species of fish and many other underwater life.It also showcases many different types of birds, animals and other inhabitants that are found in tropical rainforests, temperate and even sub-Antarctic regions. Established in August 1995, the overall objective of the Underwater World is to provide entertainment along with knowledge and education to those who are interested in marine life.
What you can explore:Sub-Antarctic SectionObserve the southern fur seals in their habitat. Stroll along the underwater tunnel filled with Blackfooted African penguins.Freshwater SectionComing back to the first section of the fresh water fishes, you will see a fountain with a small artificial pool and many glass tanks in a darkish room. You will find Perch Jungle Carps, Orange Spotted Stingrays, Silver Dollar, Red-tailed Catfish, Bala Sharks etc in the waters here. One of the highlights in this section is the largest freshwater fish in the world - the Araipamas. Most of the collection here is from Australia, South East Asia, Amazon etc.Marine Life SectionIncludes fishes from Southeast Asia, the Amazon, Africa, and Australia. Learn about the Bala shark, various species of Garfish, catfish, Matamata, stingrays, exotic turtles, Arapaima, and moreAfrican Penguins:11:00am & 2:45pmRockhopper Penguins:11:15am & 3:00pmFurseals-2:30pmTunnel Tank:3:30pmTemperate Section This is the playhouse of the fur seals. These are southern fur seals that can be found in places like Atlantic of South America, or in Pacific between Southern Peru to Cape Horn etc. They are mammals and quite social. A new born pup can weigh between 3-5kgs. There are couple of adult fur seals here that put on great shows in a large glass water tank. You will need to time it right for the show. 2:30pm is the feeding time and that's when the trainer gets them to make public shows like jumping through a large ring, making different postures etc. An adult fur seal can dive to a depth of 170m and remain underwater for about 7 minutes. 15-meter Tunnel - Marine Life Section In the next section you will walk though a 15-meter long tunnel which is full of amazing fish and marine creatures that are housed in numerous small and large tanks. One of the highlights here is the 70,000 liter tank that has Blacktip and Whitetip reef sharks. Other sharks in this section includes Zebra sharks, Port Jackson sharks, Nurse sharks etc. Combo Package Come With: (Typhoon Pavilion & Lost World Tunnel are Located in the Underwater World Langkawi Building)Underwater World Typhoon Pavlion & Lost World Tunnel:

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