Historic Site in Cape Adare

Hansen’s Grave

The Southern Cross expedition’s zoologist, Norwegian Nicolai Hansen, died on October 14, 1899, probably of an intestinal disorder: the first human death on the continent. Tragically, Hansen married shortly before le…
River in Antarctica

Lemaire Channel

This steep-sided channel - just 1600m (5250ft) wide - runs for 11km (7mi) between the mountains of Booth Island and the Peninsula. So photogenic that it's been dubbed 'Kodak Gap', the passageway is only visible once…
Bay in Antarctica

Mawson Station

Australia's Mawson Station was established in February 1954. Named for Douglas Mawson, an Australian Antarctic explorer, it is the oldest continuously occupied station south of the Antarctic Circle. Mawson is approa…
Historic Site in Hut Point

Scott’s Discovery Hut

Scott’s National Antarctic Expedition built this hut in February 1902 on aptly named Hut Point. The prefabricated building, purchased in Australia, is of a type still found in rural Australia, with a wide overhangin…
Memorial in Hut Point

Vince’s Cross

About 75m west of the Discovery Hut, an oak cross stands as an enduring memorial to Able Seaman George T Vince, who fell to his death over an ice cliff into McMurdo Sound on March 11, 1902.
Base in Pram Point

Scott Base

Compared to McMurdo’s ‘urban sprawl,’ just 3km away by gravel road, New Zealand’s Scott Base looks positively pastoral. An orderly collection of lime-green buildings, Scott Base – named for Robert Scott – was establ…
Historic Site in Cape Adare

Borchgrevink’s Huts

In February 1899, four years after Kristensen’s landing, Borchgrevink was back at Cape Adare as the leader of the Southern Cross expedition. It took the men two weeks to erect two prefabricated structures, the remai…
Historic Site in Cape Adare

‘Northern Party’ Huts

Almost nothing remains of the hut built by Victor Campbell, a member of Scott’s Terra Nova expedition of 1911–14. What little does remain lies east of Borchgrevink’s huts. The prefabricated building, originally stan…
Church in Stanley

Christ Church Cathedral

The great peat slip of 1886, a landslide which killed two people and damaged numerous buildings, wiped out Stanley’s Holy Trinity Church. The foundation stone for its replacement was laid in 1890 and the new, massiv…
Museum in Stanley

Falkland Islands Museum

Open whenever tour ships are in port, the museum building was constructed for the Argentine representative of LADE (Lineas Aereas del Estado; an airline operated by the Argentine air force), which operated air servi…