Top ChoiceBus in Seogwipo

Seogwipo City Tour Bus

The 880 bus makes it easy to see all of Seogwipo's main sights in and around downtown in one day. Using a T-money card, you get two free transfers within 40 minutes of tapping off one ride and making another.

Bicycle Hire in Hangzhou

Hangzhou Bike Hire Scheme

With 2700 docks dotted around the city, this rental scheme has the world's largest docked government-run network and is the cheapest way to rent a bike in Hangzhou, if you don't have a data-connected phone for...

Car Hire in Giritale

Let's Go Lanka

Excellent small travel agency worth contacting if you are looking for a car and driver (Rs 6000 to 8000 per day). The agency understands travellers' needs and also runs the excellent Rice Villa Retreat in...

Cable Car in Bamboo Sea

Guanguang Cable Car

This cable car, which leaves from near Wanling, takes you on a 25-minute ride over a stunning forest and past steep cliffs. From the end of the ride it's a short walk to the start of the Daxiagu Cable Car.

Bus in Western Jeju-do

Yellow Tourist Bus 820

Two useful new bus services run a circuit covering isolated sights on the island that have been otherwise tricky to reach without a car, and include an English-speaking tourist guide aboard. Yellow Tourist Bus...

Bicycle Hire in Aberdeen & South Hong Kong Island


Modern Classic Bicycle Company (MCBC) is a merchandise, rental and repair shop for the stylish. You can take your vehicle here for repair and upgrade, or you can rent one of the sleek, carbon-fibre travel bikes...

Bus Stop in Aso-san Area

Mt Aso Ropeway Station

This location used to be the base of the ropeway (cable car) up to the Naka-dake crater. However, the ropeway ceased operation after the 2016 eruption, and there's no word on whether or when it will reopen....

Motorcycle Rental in Mandalay

Tiger Motorbike Rental Mandalay

Recommended shop for day or long-haul, well-cared-for motorbike rentals. For those looking to explore the country on their own over a week or more, the owner will even purchase a bike and sell it to you – often...

Bicycle Rental in Sun Moon Lake

Songmeng Bikes

Helpful husband-and-wife store with tons of bikes for hire, including electric vehicles and three-seaters. It's close to Zhongxing Parking Lot (中興停車場), at the start of the Sun Moon Lake Bikeway.

Motorcycle Hire in Kathmandu

Singh Motorbike Centre

This is a reliable place for motorbike hire. Choose from a Pulsar 150/220cc (Rs 600/1000), a Hero Honda 150cc (Rs 700) or a classic Enfield Bullet 350cc (Rs 2000). Book a day or two in advance.

Bus in Malang

Gunung Harta

Centrally located bus company offering daily services to Yogyakarta (145,000Rp, eight hours) and Denpasar (220,000Rp, 12 hours) at 4.30pm, and Jakarta (330,000Rp, 14 hours) at noon.

Bicycle Rental in Dali

Scooter Rental

The most central of numerous bicycle and motorbike rental stands throughout Dali. Prices vary depending on battery capacity (and thus practical daily travel distance).

Motorcycle in Vashisht

Anu Auto Works

Established, highly regarded and professional outfit that offers Enfield motorbike tours, and rents and repairs Enfields too.

Taxi in Dhaka

Toma Taxi

Dhaka now has a radio taxi service called Toma Taxi, which has about 200-odd cabs plying the greater Dhaka area.

Scooter Hire in Ishigaki-jima

Gogoro Go Share

Ishigaki-only ride-share system using ecofriendly battery-powered scooters. See the website for full details.

Cycling in Lovina

Sovina Shop

Sovina Shop has a good selection of bicycles for hire from 40,000Rp per day. Motorbikes are 60,000Rp per day.