Top Choice Books in Shēnzhèn

Old Heaven Books

A delicious bookstore specialising in cultural and academic titles, that also doubles as a music store (vinyls anyone?). Gigs sometimes take place in the adjoining cafe. Located in the northern section of the OCT-LO…
Top Choice Books in Chinatown & the CBD


Arguably Singapore's coolest bookshop, BooksActually has a refreshing selection of fiction and nonfiction titles, including works by Singaporean authors, and no shortage of beautiful tomes spanning art, architecture…
Top Choice Books in The Bund & People's Square

Foreign Languages Bookstore

Open since the 1950s, this monumental red-brick bookshop is Shànghǎi's best for English-language fiction, nonfiction and travel guides. There's also a stellar selection of Chinese cultural, cooking and language book…
Top Choice Books in Manila

Solidaridad Bookshop

Owned by the Filipino author F Sionil José, Solidaridad has a masterfully curated collection of both Western and Eastern non-fiction, international magazines such as the New Yorker, and hard-to-find Filipino history…
Top Choice Books in Ubud

Ganesha Bookshop

A quality bookshop with an excellent selection of titles on Indonesian studies, travel, arts, music, fiction (including used books) and maps. Great staff recommendations.
Top Choice Books in Sanur

Ganesha Bookshop

A branch of Bali’s best bookshop for serious readers.
Top Choice Books in Wan Chai & Northeast Hong Kong Island


You could spend an entire evening inside this swanky three-floor Taiwanese bookstore, which features a massive collection of English and Chinese books and magazines, a shop selling gorgeous stationery and leather-bo…
Top Choice Books in Gangtok

Rachna Books

Gangtok's 'alternative cultural hub' as well as the city’s best-stocked and most convivial bookshop, Rachna also has a three-room B&B (rooms ₹1500 to ₹1900) and a jazzy little cafe serving French-press and filte…
Top Choice Books in Osaka

Standard Books

This cult-fave Osaka bookstore prides itself on not stocking any best sellers. Instead, it's stocked with small-press finds, art books, indie comics and the like, plus CDs and quirky fashion items and accessories.
Top Choice Books in Chennai


Open since 1844, this grand white building is reckoned to be India's oldest bookshop. It has a brilliant English-language selection, including travel and fiction books, and a good range of maps.