Top Choice Live Music in Kowloon

Hidden Agenda

Hong Kong's best-known music dive has the setting (former warehouse), line-up (solid indie acts) and elusiveness (it's out of the way) all other dives wish they had. Located in the gritty industrial hub of Kwun Tong…
Top Choice Live Music in Forbidden City & Dōngchéng Central


One of the capital's current favourite spots to catch Chinese indie, punk and metal bands, DDC is an intimate space located down a nondescript hútòng. Its courtyard bar is also a good place for a drink, with a wide …
Top Choice Live Music in Kowloon

Canton Singing House

The oldest and most atmospheric of the singalong parlours, Canton resembles a film set with its mirror balls and glowing shrines. Each session features 20 singers, all with fan following. Patrons tip a minimum of HK…
Top Choice Live Music in Northern Bangkok

Parking Toys

One of Bangkok’s best venues for live music, Parking Toys hosts an eclectic revolving cast of fun bands ranging in genre from rockabilly to electro-funk jam acts.
Top Choice Live Music in West Shànghǎi


Small enough to feel intimate, but big enough for a sometimes pulsating atmosphere, Yùyīntáng has long been one of the top places in the city to see live music. Any Shànghǎi rock band worth its amps plays here, but …
Top Choice Live Music in Dhaka

Jatra Biroti

Dhaka's coolest music and arts lounge, Jagra Biroti hosts regular live music and spoken word events. Brightly painted walls, soft lights and billowing fabrics create a magical caravan atmosphere. Thursday nights typ…
Top Choice Live Music in Bukit Bintang & KLCC

No Black Tie

Blink and you’d miss this small live-music venue, bar and bistro as it’s hidden behind a grove of bamboo. NBT, as it's known to its faithful patrons, is owned by Malaysian concert pianist Evelyn Hii, who has a knack…
Top Choice Live Music in Thanon Sukhumvit

The Living Room

Don’t let looks deceive you: every night this bland hotel lounge transforms into the city’s best venue for live jazz. True to the name, there’s comfy, sofa-based seating, all of it within earshot of the music. Enqui…
Top Choice Jazz in Pune

Shisha Cafe

It's a magical atmosphere anytime, but live jazz Thursday nights at alfresco Shisha are a Pune institution. Snuggle up on Iranian-style lounges downstairs or reserve a seat at a marble table under hanging Arabian ca…
Top Choice Live Music in Banglamphu

Brick Bar

This basement pub, one of our favourite destinations in Bangkok for live music, hosts a nightly revolving cast of bands for an almost exclusively Thai crowd – many of whom will end the night dancing on the tables. B…