Top things to do

Top Choice Natural Feature in Arikok National Wildlife Park

Natural Pool

Fantastic. The powerful wave action has worn a natural depression into the limestone coastal ridge. The surrounding rocks break the surf so – with waves crashing all around – you can take a peaceful, cooling dip. Br…
Top Choice International in Aruba Resort Area

Madame Janette

An 'international restaurant with a Caribbean touch,' Madame Janette offers an enticing menu of seafood, steaks and schnitzels, such as sweet and spicy 'Big-Bang Shrimp,' a popular grouper amandine, and the decadent…
Top Choice Seafood in Oranjestad


Pincho's is surely one of Aruba's most romantic spots. Set on a pier jutting into the ocean, the restaurant is surrounded by twinkling stars and lapping waves. Local fish and hearty steaks show off a fusion of flavo…
Top Choice Beach in Aruba Resort Area

Eagle Beach

Fronting a stretch of the low-rise resorts just northwest of Oranjestad, Eagle is a long stretch of white sand that regularly makes lists of the best in the world. There are shade trees in some areas and you can obt…
Top Choice Carnival in Oranjestad


Carnival is a big deal on the islands, where a packed schedule of fun begins shortly after New Year’s Day. Aruba’s parades are an explosion of sound and color.
Top Choice Beach in East Coast

Andicuri Beach

Limestone cliffs, crystal blue waters and crashing waves make this beach experience different from all others on the island. This east-coast beauty is popular with surfers and boogie boarders. Otherwise, you might h…
Fusion in Oranjestad


The evening starts at 7pm with a sundown drink on the terrace. Then Fred invites you into his kitchen to watch him work magic, as he prepares a unique, custom, five-course meal. His partner Tom does the drink pairin…
International in Spanish Lagoon & Savaneta

Flying Fishbone

The ultimate romantic beach dining experience. Kick off your shoes and sink your toes into the sand – or dip them in the water – as you feast on fresh seafood and prime-cut steaks. The setting is spectacular, and on…
Bar in San Nicolas

Charlie’s Bar

Charlie's is an island institution, serving up cold beers and good times to tourists and locals alike since 1941. The walls are plastered with old photos, flags, pennants, posters, newspaper clippings and license pl…
Seafood in Spanish Lagoon & Savaneta


Folks come from all around the island to dine at this fisherfolk cooperative by the water. The menu is short and sweet, featuring the catch of the day (whatever that may be) and shrimp – all of it fresh caught and d…