Top things to do in Oranjestad

Top Choice Seafood in Oranjestad


Pincho's is surely one of Aruba's most romantic spots. Set on a pier jutting into the ocean, the restaurant is surrounded by twinkling stars and lapping waves. Local fish and hearty steaks show off a fusion of flavo…
Top Choice Carnival in Oranjestad


Carnival is a big deal on the islands, where a packed schedule of fun begins shortly after New Year’s Day. Aruba’s parades are an explosion of sound and color.
Fusion in Oranjestad


The evening starts at 7pm with a sundown drink on the terrace. Then Fred invites you into his kitchen to watch him work magic, as he prepares a unique, custom, five-course meal. His partner Tom does the drink pairin…
Fusion in Oranjestad

Yemanja Woodfired Grill

Two colorful, colonial-era buildings have been transformed into one of Aruba’s most stylish eateries, which grills most of its menu items over a fire of wood from the local Watapana tree, adding a rich, natural flav…
Cosmetics in Oranjestad

Aruba Aloe

Did you get too much sun? Swing by this little boutique to pick up some 'After Sun', made from the gel of the revered aloe plant, which grows prolifically on this island. There's a wide range of high-quality skin-ca…
Beach in Oranjestad

Surfside Beach

Surfside may not be as spectacular as Palm Beach or Eagle Beach, but it is a pretty pleasant place to spend an afternoon if you're hankering for some sun, surf and sand. It's the best, most swimmable beach in Oranje…
Museum in Oranjestad

Aruba Archaeological Museum

The capital's newest museum is housed in the beautifully restored colonial-era Ecury Complex, home to a successful merchant family throughout the 20th century. The engaging exhibits focus on Arawak life in the preco…
Seafood in Oranjestad


You can charter the owner's fishing boat and catch your own dinner, which will later be expertly prepared and served up at this casual but classy supper club. And even if you don't reel in the catch of the day yours…
Coffee in Oranjestad

Coffee Break

With lots of metal and linoleum, it's not exactly the coziest of cafes, but as this is the headquarters of the Aruba Coffee Roasting Co, you can expect the most freshly roasted, richest, most delicious coffee on the…
Arts & Crafts in Oranjestad


If you're looking for a unique, locally made souvenir, look no further. Cosecha is the local artists' cooperative stocking a range of wonderful creations, from sea-glass jewellery to handwoven tote bags to driftwood…