Antilla Wreck

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in Northwest Coast
Luiz Felipe V. Puntel / Shutterstock
Luiz Felipe V. Puntel / Shutterstock

The USS Antilla, a WWII US Navy ship that was sunk near Malmok Beach, is a popular destination for snorkelers and divers. The 400ft wreck is lying on its side in about 60ft of water. What's unique about the Antilla is that the masts, bow and forward deck are shallow enough that they're mostly visible to snorkelers.

The ship is turning into an artificial reef: it's covered with coral and home to ample sea life, including a few rarely seen frogfish. It's a cool site, but be aware that the water is often choppy and currents are strong. Do not try to swim out to the wreck; book a trip with Roberto's or Red Sail.