Aruba Resort Area attractions

Top Choice Beach in Aruba Resort Area

Eagle Beach

Fronting a stretch of the low-rise resorts just northwest of Oranjestad, Eagle is a long stretch of white sand that regularly makes lists of the best in the world. There are shade trees in some areas and you can obt…
Gardens in Aruba Resort Area

Butterfly Farm

Tucked in between the low-rise and high-rise resort areas, this place will make your heart go aflutter, as the gorgeous gardens are teeming with butterflies and moths of all sizes and colors. Guided tours walk you t…
Beach in Aruba Resort Area

Manchebo Beach

Just south of Eagle, this large beach reaches out to a point. It is something of a destination for topless sunbathers (an activity frowned on elsewhere) and offers the best chance on the strip to get away from the c…
Beach in Aruba Resort Area

Palm Beach

A classic white-sand beauty, but only for those who enjoy the company of lots of people, as it fronts the high-rise resorts. During high season the sands can get jammed, but for some that’s part of the scene.