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Cultural & Theme Tours in Bonaire
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Tour description

Discover Bonaire in a 3 hrs tour. Your friendly local guide & driver will show you beautiful historical and natural landmarks about Bonaire "OUR TRUE SPIRIT".Our tour will start from the Capital city Kralendijk to the South and North. At the South route you will observe the Flamingo international Airport and the view of several beaches until we arrive to the Salt pounds of Cargill where the pink water contrasts with the Salt Mountain and the White Slave Houses. Before we'll go to the North side we'll drive through the historical buildings of Kralendijk; On our way to the North route we'll stop at "1000 Step" beach, we'll driving through Tolo, Karpata, Goto Lake (flamingo brackish water lake) and at Rincon (the most oldest village of the Caribbean) we will visit the museum Chich'i Tan a 230 years old house & Cactus liquor taste. After leaving Rincon we'll drop you to the beach for 2 hour for swimming or snorkeling or bring you back to the ship port.

Discover Bonaire’s most popular attractions from the comfort of an air-conditioned bus on a 3 Hrs Tour. Our tour take you through the capital of the island where you can see the historical buildings and landmarks dated from the 1800's and 1900's.On the way to the south route, you'll observe the Flamingo international Airport of Bonaire and the view of several beaches until we arrive to the Salt pounds of Cargill where the pink water contrasts with the Salt Mountain. It will definitely take your breath away. Our 1st Stop will be at the white slave huts (History & Pictures)Slave’s huts were built by the Government in the 1850 as a personal place to host the slaves and their personal belongings, (You’ll get a bottle of water). Our 2nd Stop: Salt Pounds (Pictures). Salt has been one of the most important produces of Bonaire since the 1500s and it continues to be harvested. Clean Sea water and clean air, along with the sun, arid climate and gentle trade winds make the salt process relatively fast. On our way to the North side area we will drive through Kralendijk where we can see the main shopping street (Kaya Grandi). This shopping street has various architectural buildings in many styles from the late 1800s and 1900s. On the left hand side, we have the Bonaire Harbor Marina which offers 60 slips for yachts of up to 150 feet, and one dock for 240-foot mega-yachts. It also serves as a great spot to dock boats and yachts during heavy rain or minor storms. We are entering Hato where the main resorts are. As we are driving along here you can see how our island arose out of the ocean in different stages. The 3rd stop one of an amazing beach named 1000 steps, a beach covered by white coral stones where you can observe some sea life such a Parrot fish and Sea turtles.And now we are driving through Tolo a diving site and Karpata. There, Aloe was harvested. It was one of the main export crops in the past. Turning to the Marine reserve area we’ll observe 2 big companies Contour Global Bonaire (our Wind system for electricity) and BOPEC ( an oil terminal use it as a storage) and then we’ll see Goto Lake is a natural brackish water lake, with shallow water that serves as a home to numerous Flamingoes. From the bus you can observe and enjoy a fantastic view of the lake and the area surrounding it. Our 4th Stop 20 Min. Museum Chich’I Tan (Bathroom, Beverage and Cultural Activity)at Rincon, we will get to the Museum named “Chich’I Tan” which is a house of more than 230 years old with some local music, instruments, handmade craft jewelry. You will be able to taste real authentic Bonarian cactus liquor. Following Guided activities: Museum guided tour, showing grinder Sorghum seeds, showing how to build a cactus fence, dancing the Cultural music of Simadan (harvesting season songs). After leaving Rincon from the north east cost we'll arrive to Coco's beach for 2 hr for snorkeling or swimming (optional) and continuing to the cruise ship port where we end the tour.

What's included

  • Driver/guide
  • Local guide
  • Professional guide
  • Bottled water
  • Liquor Tasting
  • Round-trip shared transfer
  • Air-conditioned vehicle

What's not included

  • Gratuities