Zoo investigating death of 54 stingrays in Chicago

A zoo in Chicago is currently investigating what happened to cause the death of 54 stingrays in its Stingray Bay habitat.

Stingrays pictured at Brookfield zoo in Chicago.

Stingrays pictured at Brookfield zoo in Chicago. Image by spablab / CC BY-SA 2.0

Officials at the Brookfield Zoo, which is also known as the Chicago Zoological Society, were alerted that the habitat’s life-support system was malfunctioning at around 1:45pm on Friday and when they checked the tank, noticed that the stingrays were behaving strangely because of low oxygen levels. Zoo staff immediately attempted to raise the oxygen levels in the water by placing air bubblers and pumps in the tank, but by the end of Friday all of the animals had died. ‘We are devastated by the tragic loss of these animals,’ said Bill Zeigler, the senior vice president of the animal programmes at the zoo. The zoo has decided to close the exhibit for the rest of the summer. Read more: chicagotribune.com

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