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This bar will serve you a horoscope cocktail based on your zodiac sign

Can the essence of a Scorpio be summed up in a cocktail? Now you can find out as a London bar launches horoscope-themed cocktails for every zodiac sign, just in time for the summer solstice.

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Taurus combines aquafaba and baobab. Image by Barts

Barts speakeasy is launching a new menu of 12 cocktails representing each star sign on 21 June. As it's the longest night of the year, visitors will have plenty of time to see if their signature cocktail suits and even sample the 11 other drinks on offer. If you won’t be in London on the solstice, the menu will be available until the end of the summer.

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Sample a cocktail that's designed for your horoscope. Image by Barts

Each cocktail is designed to represent the characteristics and personality traits of its sign. As a nod to Cancers, who are “known for being indecisive,” the bar has created a three-layer cocktail that will let them enjoy multiple tastes in one drink. For a sensible Taurus, there is a drink that incorporates “aquafaba and baobab in a simple yet unique drink with, sensibly, just a touch of zero-calorie stevia”. Practical Virgos can enjoy a fresh basil and pineapple drink served in a simple clay vessel. Leos  – known for being a bit extra – can try a drink with orange-infused cognac liqueur, champagne and edible gold glitter.

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Virgo combines fresh basil and pineapple. Image by Barts

Barts is located in Chelsea, a short walk from the Saatchi Gallery.

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Leos can sample a very extra cocktail in their honour. Image by Barts

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