Postcard from... Costa Rica

Our latest writing competition was all about epic adventures. We think 12-year-old runner-up Andrea is just as brave and daring as Disney's Moana! Here's her tale about flying like a bird in Costa Rica.

Zip-lining family in Costa Rica
Andrea soars through the sky in Costa Rica © Andrea Lady

Zip! Here I go!

I am zip-lining in the rainforests of Costa Rica and I am loving it! It’s so easy and satisfying. I jump off the platform in the tree and zip on the cable wire to the next platform. As I zip by I can see the beauty of the Costa Rican rainforest, the super tall treetops grazing the sky.

I wonder if this is how a bird feels when it flies through the sky at top speed. Lucky bird! I arrive at the next platform and come to a stop. I see my cousin, Yunita, and give her a wave as she launches herself off to the next platform looking delighted. I look down and see how far off the ground that I am. It’s kind of scary! Then I think of the birds that do this every day and I think to myself that I can be as brave as a bird!

Speaking of birds, not too far off I see a beautiful scarlet macaw sitting on a branch! Oh, how I wish I had my phone to take a picture! Then I zoom away, zip-lining in Costa Rica.

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