Writing competition: and the winner is...

Earlier this year we asked budding young writers to send us their best travel tales – and what an adventurous bunch you are! Hundreds of you sent in trip reports from all over the globe, from Ireland, Indonesia, Antarctica and beyond.

The winner is 10-year-old Megan Banks, who told us all about a sunny surfing adventure in Spain and Portugal. Congratulations Megan!

Here's her winning entry.

Kids Blog - megan-surfing
Surf's up! Megan prepares to catch a wave © Megan Banks

My little but big adventure - by Megan Banks, 10

I have recently just come back from a wicked 6-week adventure in Spain and Portugal. I went with my family and we travelled round in a motorhome called Bob.

Kids Blog - megan-surf-drawing
Megan's drawing of her adventure

One of the most fun and adventurous days I had, is when I learnt to surf! As soon as I spotted the beautiful beach out of the corner of my eye, I knew this day was going to be awesome! Firstly, I had to jump into a wetsuit and drag my surfboard along the endless stretch of sand. When I could eventually feel the glistening turquoise water brush against my toes, I couldn’t wait to jump in!

Finally, after the instructor had given me and daddy a safety talk, I could race into the water. I could see a great wave coming in the distance so I got in the position I needed to be in. Within seconds, the wave was right behind me. So, I jumped onto my surfboard and… fell off! I carried on like this for a short while, but after a few tries I was riding the waves like I had been doing it for years. (I was way better than daddy!) This is the end of only one of my little but big adventures!!!

Thanks to everyone who entered the competition. Find the awesome stories from our runners-up below.


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