Confederate warship wreck raised from Savannah River

A 150-year-old warship used by the Confederates in the American Civil War is currently being raised, one 5-ton piece at a time, from the bed of the Savannah River in South Carolina.

Savannah River, Georgia.

Savannah River, Georgia. Image by Matt Turner / CC BY 2.0

The CSS Georgia was sunk by its own crew in late 1864 to prevent Union troops from capturing the ship; it is still classified as an enemy vessel by the US navy. Divers and archaeologists began the project in late June and have so far recovered cannons, unexploded shells and the ship’s propeller which is completely intact. All artifacts from the ship will be sent to the Conservation Research Laboratory in Texas for cataloging and preservation. It is not yet known where the ship will finally be accommodated. Read more: 

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