Winter wonderland as Niagra Falls freezes over

The prolonged cold winter along the east coast of the US has even seen Niagara Falls freeze over this week. Plunging temperatures allied to a series of snowstorms and bitingly cold winds have combined to turn the world famous waterfalls into something of an icy wonderland.

Ice and snow surrounding Niagara Falls

Ice and snow surrounding Niagara Falls. Image by Bud / CC BY 2.0

The change in the scenic destination from water plunging down hundreds of feet on the Canadian and US border has been replaced with a white frozen scenario and it has become a different kind of tourist attraction to thousands of sightseers.

Niagara Falls in full flow

Niagara Falls in full flow. Image by Artur Staszewski / CC BY 2.0

The Daily Mail reports that while the water isn’t frozen solid, there are sheets of ice congregating on top of the waterfall following the plunge in temperatures degrees earlier this week.

And Metro reports that Niagara Falls “looks spectacular” after temperatures as low as minus nine froze the waterfalls yesterday.

Michelle Blackley, communications & community relations manager for the Falls was delighted that the more arctic looking Falls “is bringing a crowd to view.”

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