St Patrick's Cathedral offers free entry to all namesakes to mark St Patrick's Day

The Pats have it! On the 17th of March - St Patrick’s Day - in Dublin’s St Patrick’s Cathedral, every Patrick, Paddy, Pádraig or Pat and every Patricia (or derivatives thereof) will be offered free entry into the hallowed surroundings originally built to honour Ireland’s patron saint.

St Patrick's Cathedral, Dublin.

St Patrick's Cathedral, Dublin. Image by Jim Linwood / CC BY 2.0

The cathedral, one of the city’s main tourist attractions, has been part of the city and country’s history for over eight centuries. Built on the site of an ancient well, which legend has it was used by the saint himself, its claim to fame is that it is also the final resting place for a number of well-known Irish people, including novelist Jonathan Swift, who served as dean there for over three decades in the early eighteenth century.

The Irish Independent reports that up to half-a-million tourists visit the old site each year, paying €6 per person for the privilege of admission.

The Cathedral turns green to honour the saint on 17th March with the free admission to all Patricks once they bring ID confirming their name.

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