The holiday season is a whole lot of fun. A rigid 9-to-5 job starts to take on a more elastic feel, impromptu lunches become the order of the day and life becomes a conga line of buffets. Moderation goes out the window and the only exercise you indulge in is ducking a flying champagne cork.

But sometimes the holiday season itself leaves you in need of a break - from gridlocked malls full of frantic shoppers, groaning tables of elaborate desserts and inevitable spats and hissyfits. Here are some suggested getaway plans, so you can decompress from the festive frenzy and get yourself back on track.

Book into a spa

If you can feel those accumulated Bellinis oozing out your pores, why not book into a spa to get them all steamed up and sweated out? You'll feel cleansed and relaxed, and your internal dial will crank down from 11. Check out:

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Stretch out

The festive season often means waving goodbye to regular exercise and saying hello to waking up with a headache.  Get back into the swing of things with gentle exercise that's good for the mind as well as the body. Check out:

10 best yoga spots in the world - Hopefully there's one near you.

Get into the green

Make a resolution to get out of the house - or out of the city - and into some fresh air to sweep those late-night cobwebs away. Explore possible day trips that get you into some greenery or simply get to know your local park. Take a book, leave the phone at home and relax under the trees. For example:

Explore the Moroccan tradition of the Moorish garden - Think aromatic gardens, orchard gardens...

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Hang up the party wardrobe

The festive season can put a bit of pressure on the old wardrobe and your workaday rags sometimes just don't cut it. You have to dress up more than usual, so now's the time to hang up those fancy threads and just let it all hang out. So why not head for...

10 best places to get naked? No need for swish suits or high heels here!

And even if you're still working...

Okay, so some of us chumps still have to put in the desk time even though we're all partied out and just want to nap. But there is a way of having your cake (no, not more!) and eating it too:

10 dream business destinations - These places are business hubs but they've all got some lovely natural wonders just a stone's throw from your laptop.

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