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We like to keep on top of things, and we like to do so on your behalf. So we thought we'd bring you a few highlights from our Facebook and Twitter communities this week.

On Twitter, there was a lot of chatter about the launch of our Lonely Planet Magazine in India. An appearance from movie star Kareena Kapor certainly helped stir up excitement! Kareena tweeted to show off these pics from the gala launch event.

Tweeters also liked the latest podcast from our travel editors Tom Hall and Robert Reid, focusing on the floods in Peru and the implications for locals and visitors to the region.

You can now follow 40 + of our authors on Twitter. We've put together a Twitter list so you can easily add them and stay in touch. Here's just a handful of their recent posts:

Paul Clammer in Haiti: In PAP this AM people singing "Preval is sleeping & the people are getting wet" & "We have rice, we don't have tents." #Haiti about 5 hours ago...

johnleewriter in Vancouver: Older SkyTrain lines coping with Olympics; Canada Line trains can't be lengthened - expect queues  #LPatthegames about 5 hours ago...

radioceleste on the road: Just exchanged a bag of limes from my tree for a stalk of plantains - love the Tahitian barter system & don't need to shop today!

John Vlahides in San Francisco: Hundreds of elephant seals sprawled on the sand, barking and braying. Mating season, Año Nuevo Reserve. Look! http://yfrog.com/4eqi3tj

On Facebook, travellers shared their favourite places to enjoy Carnevale (the Pushkar Camel Fair in Rajasthan, India an unexpected performer) and, as the Olympics gear up in Vancouver, offered tips on the ultimate spots to enjoy some skiing.

Scott Smith says his single best ski rush was too hard to pick: "Sunday River Maine, the skiing, cut the Christmas tree down, saw George Bush Senior by surprise coming out of a small white church. The Canyons, Utah, with all the in bounds hiking and untouched powder skiing... Having the whole mountain to yourself at Big Sky Christmas day. Skied my brains out at Whistler Blackcomb with hired camera man following. The ski train to Winter Park, hot tub with the Hooters girls, then concert in Denver that night."

Currently, the conversation has turned to Valentine's Day, the holiday for lovers that many love to hate, and that icon of romance, Paris. So is it worth the hype? Most agree it is.

Says Don Haslam: "Every time you turn a corner you are presented with another spectacular vista. It can be romantic, melancholic, breathtaking, spiritual and inspiring all at the same time... And it's not just the sights, it is the sounds and the smell of fresh butter croissants. I could go on... just visit. It is definitely worth every bit of the reputation. I could live there in a second. In fact, it is on the top of my list."

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[Photo: cormend/Flickr Lonely Planet]

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