‘Welsh Versailles’ among Britain’s most endangered buildings

A stately home known as the ‘Welsh Versailles’ features alongside a pier, a brewery and a swimming pool on a new list of the ten most endangered Victorian buildings in Britain.

Birnbeck Pier, one of Britain's most endangered buildings.

Birnbeck Pier, included in the list of Britain's most endangered buildings. Image by Tony Hisgett / CC BY 2.0

Kinmel Hall in North Wales has a 150m-long façade, 52 main bedrooms and a room for ironing the newspapers. The list, from the Victorian Society, highlights decaying buildings that are in danger of being lost for good. Other entries include a Brighton promenade that is one of the longest cast-iron structures in the world and a swimming pool in southeast London that contains an 82m-deep well, built to avoid paying water rates. Read more: theguardian.com

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