Weather bomb batters Britain and Ireland

Skye road bridge closed due to 'weather bomb'.

Skye road bridge closed due to 'weather bomb'. Image by asands / CC BY-SA 2.0

A ‘weather bomb’ from the North Atlantic has hit the UK and Ireland. Winds of up to 130km per hour are likely, and 14m waves have been recorded off the Outer Hebrides. Hundreds of homes in Ireland are without electricity, while transport disruption has included cancelled ferries between Wales and Ireland and the closure of the Skye road bridge. Storms, which have affected the northern parts of Britain and Ireland but so far left southern England relatively unscathed, are likely to spread as a second weather front hits on Thursday, bringing wind, rain and snow. ‘Weather bombs’, technically known as ‘explosive cyclogenesis’, occur when the pressure at the centre of a storm declines rapidly, bringing extreme conditions. Read more: &

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