London motorists pay £1m in fines for repeat traffic offence

Homerton Hight St.

Homerton High St. Image by Sludge G / CC BY 2.0

Motorists paid fines of close to £1 million in a year for offences on a single box junction in Hackney to Transport for London (Tfl) .

The yellow box junction, which is adjacent to Homerton Fire Station on Homerton High Street, has a camera permanently trained so that fire engines can exit in case of an emergency.

However, angry motorists who pay out £130 penalty charges when caught on the camera claim TfL is using the box simply to make extra revenue.

Figures show that between 1 February, two years ago and 31 January last year that TfL issued 14,412 penalty charge notices from the camera and collected £989,533 in fines.

This, the Evening Standards reports, is an average of around 40 motorists fined every day and a daily revenue of close to £2700.

TfL added that between 1 February and 12 December last year, another 11,816 motorists were issued fines, generating £715,433 in payments.

One motorist said: “If you’re in traffic you just don’t see it. A bus pulled out from a side street stopping traffic, I had no idea I was doing anything wrong.”

“When I asked how long I was in the box for, TfL told me eight seconds. If they want to provide access for the firemen they could just have a ‘keep clear’ sign.”

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