Momotombo continues to erupt in Nicaragua

Until 1 December, 2015, Nicaragua’s Volcano Momotombo had not erupted in 110 hundred years, and the Central American stratovolcano has continued to put on a show well into 2016.

Volcano Momotombo, Nicaragua.

Volcano Momotombo, Nicaragua. Image by Jean-Pierre Dalbera / CC BY 2.0

The eruptions come as part of an unusual uptick in volcanic activity in the area, and experts from the U. S. Geological Survey and other international organizations are assessing risks from Momotombo and other volcanoes in the country, including Télica and Masaya. In a rare simultaneous event, Momotombo, Télica, Masaya, and Cerro Negro began eruptive processes at the same time last week. So far, no nearby residents are in danger, but scientists are keeping an eye on the seismic activity, as the Plinian eruptions are characterized by their explosiveness.

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