Video of divers swimming with giant sunfish in Portugal

A group of divers off the coast of Portugal, near Santa Maria Island, were lucky enough to catch sight of and swim with a giant sunfish. 

Footage of giant sunfish off the coast of Portugal

Footage of giant sunfish off the coast of Portugal Image by Miguel Perreira

The video posted to Youtube by photographer Miguel Perreira shows the divers being dwarfed by the sheer scale of the enormous fish.

Sunfish mainly eat jellyfish

Sunfish mainly eat jellyfish Image by Miguel Perreira

Sunfish are a strangely shaped fish that can weigh up to 1000 kg at times, and can be over four metres long. Their large size combined with their small pectoral fins that extend on either side of its truncated body, give sunfish the appearance of giant fish heads with wings. They often swim close to the surface of the water, and their fins are often mistaken for shark fins. They are docile in nature and represent no danger to humans. They’re mainly native to tropical and warm waters, so finding it in the Atlantic Ocean was unusual. They’re protected by EU laws, but  they are a delicacy in Japan and Korea.

Watch the video here.

Giant sunfish are very docile

Giant sunfish are very docile Image by Miguel Perreira

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