US inflight magazine files for bankruptcy

Inflight magazine

Inflight magazine Image by JO NAYLOR / CC BY 2.0

Skymall inflight magazine, which has been a flying companion to millions of US passengers since 1989, has filed for bankruptcy.

The magazine has been hit by new ways of keeping travellers from boredom during journeys as planes use seat-back television screens and individuals also tap into their own laptops and tablets for distraction while on board.

Many planes in the US also now have Wi-Fi which also hit the numbers buying Skymall, once the bible for everything from personalised pyjamas to garden gnomes, the London Independent reports.

Explaining the end of the publication with the arrival of the on-line era, John DiScala, who runs the travel advice site said: “Nobody’s bored anymore. They don’t have a captive audience.”

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