Universal Orlando reveals secret King Kong project

Visitors are in for a treat next year with the return of King Kong to Universal Orlando.

King Kong will be different than before when the new story is unveiled at Universal Studios in Orland next year

King Kong will be different than before when the new story is unveiled at Universal Orlando next year Image by Bern Sutherland / CC BY 2.0

The Miami Herald reports that the new adventure – ‘Skull Island: Reign of King Kong’ has been a work in secret at Universal’s Island of Adventure this past year.

It was only this week in fact that the studio revealed they were building a King Kong ride due to open in the summer of next year.

Mike West, the executive producer for Universal Creative has promised that what they are creating will be “a groundbreaking attraction.”

He announced that they would be using guests “in active roles” in this daunting world they are planning to unveil.

The King Kong construction is taking place between Toon Lagoon and Jurassic Park and will become the second Kong-themed attraction, the first being Kongfrontation, an original ride at Universal Studios which closed 13 years ago to make for Revenge of the Mummy.

However, this time King Kong won’t be causing havoc on the streets of New York city. With the help of guests, the story will explore searching for prehistoric beasts in Skull Island.

And well you’ve probably guessed it – they will be confronted with a huge monster.

Mike West said the show would provide visitors to the theme park with a chance to see King Kong as never before.

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