Unique Spanish tradition: the 2015 Christmas 'caganers' hit shelves

This year’s collection of unique ‘caganers’ (crappers) Christmas nativity decorations from Spain have been unveiled and include an illustrious line-up of famous faces - and bottoms - such as Sir Elton John, Star Wars’ Princess Leia and pop star Bono.

Spanish caganers.

Spanish caganers. Image by daniel julià lundgren / CC BY-SA 2.0

The ceramic figures are a tradition unique to Catalonia and northeastern Spain that dates back more than 100 years. The original figure was a peasant from Catalonia sporting a red cap and pipe that makes an appearance in nativity scenes defecating behind Mary and Joseph and is said to symbolise fertility. These days, the figurines depict famous people bearing their bottoms and remain a popular festive decoration, widely available in places such as Barcelona’s Christmas markets. Read more: thelocal.es

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