UK airports in line for US flight pre-clearance

Heathrow airport.

Heathrow airport. Image by Paul Hudson / CC BY 2.0

The US has revealed that Manchester and Heathrow airports in England could be next in line to be granted US pre-clearance status, and are being looked at as a priority. Security pre-clearance will allow passengers embarking in the UK to clear US immigration, customs and agricultural inspection before they board their flight. The move is expected to shorten the lengthy queues that US airports are notorious for, as well as significantly reduce the time needed for flight transfers through US airports. At present, only two airports in the EU operate US pre-clearance, both in Ireland. Last month, Sweden’s Stockholm airport and nine other departure points were granted pre-clearance status, though it is expected to take about 18 months for the new immigration service to come into effect. Read more:

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