Typhoon-damaged post boxes go viral in Taiwan

Two Taiwanese post boxes that were damaged during last week’s Typhoon Soudelor have gone viral.

Taiwanese post boxes before the typhoon damage.

Taiwanese post boxes before the typhoon damage. Image by Jude Lee / CC BY 2.0

The two boxes – one red and one green – located at the Longjiang and Nanjing East Rds in Taipei, were knocked sideways by a falling signboard during heavy winds. They have since become an object of affection and  nicknamed ‘Xiao Hong’ (little red) and ‘Xiao Lu’ (little green). Crowds have been seen gathering around the post boxes for selfies, and a number of memes have seen the two wonky boxes inserted into famous scenes. The post boxes have been so popular that Chunghwa Post has said it will consider keeping them in their sideways state, if they pass safety standards. Read more: bbc.co.uk 

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