Twist in tale of New Yorker charged with laser beam offense

Charges will now almost certainly be dropped against a New York man who last week was accused of shining a laser beam causing injuries to pilots flying aircraft.

A laser beam

A laser beam Image by Andrew "FastLizard4" Ada / CC BY 2.0

In an unusual turnaround, florist Frank J Egan (36) was cleared after his housemate, Elehecer Balaguer (54), said he was the culprit.

Mr. Balaguer confessed to Justice Marc Whiten in State Supreme Court that it was not Mr. Egan, his girlfriend’s stepbrother, but him who had used the laser.

“Frank had nothing to do with it,” he admitted. “I was the one that did it,” reported the New York Times.

Mr. Egan had been charged with a number of counts of assault on a police officer as well as felony assault counts.

Saying it was a “kid thing,” Mr. Balaguer added: “It was a stupid thing to do.”

The charges against Mr. Egan have yet to be dismissed but will almost certainly be formally dropped following Mr Balaguer’s admission.

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