Turkey excavates world’s largest underground city

Ancient rock houses in Cappadocia, Turkey.

Ancient rock houses in Cappadocia, Turkey. Image by Frank Kovalchek / CC BY 2.0

An ancient city being excavated in Turkey’s Cappadocia region is taking shape as the largest and most complex underground metropolis discovered to date. Geo-radiation scanning has revealed the multilevel 5000-year-old  site could be as large as 65 football pitches and includes living quarters, kitchens, wineries, chapels and staircases. It is thought the city would have originally been inhabited by an agricultural community and early estimates suggest the site could be a third larger than the nearby ruined city of Derinkuyu, which has similar characteristics. Excavations started two years ago after builders stumbled across the remains while clearing land for an urban renewal project. Read more: telegraph.co.uk

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