This unusual travel pillow could revolutionise napping on-the-go

Having a nap can be vital when you're travelling, but getting comfortable can be an issue and an awkward position can greatly impinge on your ability to catch 40 winks. A new travel neck pillow called Trtl (pronounced turtle) Pillow hopes to address this problem by revolutionising the way we sleep when we travel. It means that you will never have to lean against the window, or fall asleep on your neighbour's shoulder or your dad's hand again.

No more head-lolling while you're catching 40 winks on the move thanks to this travel neck pillow. Image: Trtl Pillow

Michael Corrigan and David Kellock are the founders of Trtl, and they first met while studying mechanical engineering at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow. They came up with the idea for the travel pillow while discussing how uncomfortable it can be when you really want to sleep on a flight. They decided to try to create something better, and after a couple of name changes due to trademarking issues, they launched Trtl Pillow.

The Trtl neck pillow is lightweight and comes ina waterproof bag. Image: Trtl Pillow

Michael focuses on running the business while David works on the product development side. Five years of sleep ergonomics research went into the latest version of their pillow. While many travel pillows are U-shaped, the TRTl Pillow is a scarf-like, super-soft micro-fleece pillow with a strengthened inner support that contours to any head and shoulder shape.

The Trtl travel neck pillow. is fully adjustable for maximum comfort. Image: Trtl Pillow

It has a mesh panel running along the centre to prevent wearers from overheating, and its internal neck support holds your head and neck in the best position for sleeping. Thanks to its adjustable height feature for the internal support, it has 80 possible configurations.

Trtl Pillow is lightweight and washable and has just successfully launched on Kickstarter.