Tourists bathing off Lipari at risk from noxious volcanic gases

The island of Lipari.

The island of Lipari. Image by Florent Le Gall / CC BY-SA 2.0

Italy’s Department of Civil Protection has warned that tourists bathing in the sea off the Aeolian island of Lipari may be at risk from gases emanating from the nearby volcanoes. Under certain conditions when there is little wind, high concentrations of carbon dioxide gas that bubbles up through underwater vents can build up on the surface of the water and pose a risk to swimmers. In April a nine-year-old French boy collapsed, and doctors at Lipari’s hospital discovered a dangerously high level of carbon dioxide in his blood. Lipari’s mayor has said that there is currently no reason to ban tourists from swimming because there has been no escalation in gas levels, but that they plan to publicise the danger level with special signs. Read more: 

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