Tigerair is most complained about airline in Australia yet again

It’s the title every airline wants to avoid as Tigerair Australia held on to the title of the country’s most complained against airline.

Tigerair Australia claimed title as the country's most complained about airline

Tigerair Australia claimed title as the country's most complained about airline. Image by Theen Moy / CC BY 2.0

Worse for those associated with the company is that it is the third year in a row that the low-cost outfit has been given the dubious distinction, according to the annual report (2014) of the Airline Customer Advocate.

The Sydney Morning Herald reported that Tigerair, which only began operating in Australia eight years ago, received the highest number of complaints overall leaving rivals like Jetstar, Qanstas, Virgin Australia and Regional Express in its wake.

Australian travellers have improved when it comes to giving out about air service with a rise in complaints of 13% during 2014. Chief grievances for passengers was for failed refund requests, while delays and cancellations were also high on the list.

The Advocate report received a total of 1132 complaints which was up from the 983 it received the previous year - an increase of 149 complaints.

However the report pointed out that the rate of resolution of such complaints fell to just over 60% last year.

At the other end of the scale, Singapore Airlines was named as the best international airline by Aussie passengers when it came to customer service.

It came in ahead of Emirates, Qantas and Garuda with a 90% satisfaction score.

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