Lovestruck couple make it to Disney in Tokyo, LA and Orlando in one day

Disneyland, California.

Disneyland, California. Image by Nani Leilani / CC BY 2.0

A San Diego couple managed to visit three Disney theme parks – Tokyo, Anaheim  and Orlando – all in one day. The pair has been smitten with the ‘Happiest place[s] on Earth’ since they celebrated their first anniversary at the California park.

Valentine’s Day was selected as the day to hatch their plan because the Orlando park had extended opening hours to midnight. The couple began their trip at the Tokyo park at 9:50am, snapped a photo and then took the 10-hour flight to LA.

In California they made it to the park just after noon, took another picture and promptly headed to a county airport to catch a flight to Orlando. They managed to arrive at the Orlando park at 11:40pm, just 20 minutes before their deadline. Read more:

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