Theatre booming in Greece despite economic crisis

The ongoing economic crisis in Greece has affected various leisure activities such as going to the cinema or music concerts.

Greek Theatre is booming despite financial crisis.

Greek Theatre is booming despite financial crisis. Image by george rex / CC BY-SA 2.0

However, theatre ticket sales are reportedly booming as the Greeks are not willing to give up on this significant part of their cultural identity. Theatre budgets are low and young actors are often unpaid, but the number of plays to be performed next season has increased compared with last year, and even some music venues in Athens are replacing concerts with plays. The cost of attending theatre has fallen as the government is reducing the tax on theatre tickets to just 6%, to support the arts scene. At the same time, the tax on cinemas will rise to 23% as part of the austerity measures introduced with the new bailout package for Greece. Read more: 

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