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Sean presents the Fun Kids Radio breakfast show © FunKidsRadio

Imagine spending your time at work chatting with famous faces, playing games and hanging out with a real robot! Well, this dream is a reality for radio presenter (and professional gaming YouTuber) Sean. Sean is one of the voices behind Fun Kids Radio, a station that broadcasts regular, live programmes for young listeners.

As well as co-hosting the station's breakfast show alongside his colleague, Robot, Sean also fronts The Gaming Show, a full hour devoted to talking all things video games. What's it like to do Sean's job? Tune in and find out...

Describe your job in five words

Always doing very ridiculous things!

What's it like being live on air?

It’s loads of fun to be live on air – you get over the nerves pretty quickly, because you have to keep talking and entertaining the listeners. For me, if Robot (my co-host on the breakfast show) is feeling sassy then it can be quite nerve-racking, because I never know what he’s going to come out with...

What kind of things do you talk about on Fun Kids Radio?

The breakfast show that I present is live during the school run for most of our listeners in the UK. The school run for most families is quite busy and hectic, and it’s pretty similar on the Fun Kids Breakfast Show. We’ll chat a lot about gaming, amazing events that are happening across the country, and offer loads of competitions with some great prizes.

We ask our listeners to send in their questions for Robot, my co-host, to answer, so Robot will spend time going through those. There is also a segment on the show where listeners can ask Robot to tell off any people who have annoyed them in the week. That's always a lot of fun.

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Sean's co-host is a robot, called Robot! © FunKidsRadio

How did you become a radio DJ?

Firstly I started my own radio show when I was studying at university, called The Sean and Harry Show. We used to play silly games that we had invented, like 'The Mystery Mum' or our infamous Harry Potter quiz: 'Potter or Notter'. We were reasonably awful at presenting on the radio to be honest, but everyone has to start somewhere.

What's the coolest thing about your job?

Being a radio DJ and a gaming YouTuber is a dream combination for me. I get to meet some truly excellent people. We’ve played video games and made videos with YouTubers like DanTDM and Ali-A, plus also hung out with WWE superstars John Cena, Finn Balor and Sasha Banks. Most awesome of all is the fact that my co-host on the breakfast show is a robot, which I think is pretty cool.

What advice would you give someone who is interested in a career like yours?

If you want to practice your radio DJ skills and see if you'd like to have a job in radio, you can help take over the Fun Kids Breakfast Show on the weekends! All you need is the free Fun Kids app to get involved – you can become a national radio DJ from your own bedroom! My other piece of advice: don't work with robots...

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