The long legacy of Jamsetji Tata: India's man of steel

Gold coins made by the Tanishq jewelry company.

Gold coins made by the Tanishq jewelry company. Image by Sanath Kumar / CC BY 2.0

In India, it’s hard to avoid the brand name Tata, founded by the Parsi industrialist Jamsetji Tata, but few realise how far its influence extends. As well as tea, trucks and steel, Tata created India’s first airline, later rebranded as Air India, and founded the swish Tanishq jewellery brand, India’s answer to Tiffany’s. Through a vast campaign of expansion, they also own the famous British brands Tetley Tea and Jaguar Landrover and America’s Ritz-Carlton Hotels. Despite Tata’s success, it is 66% owned by charities engaged in social projects in India. The BBC has produced a fascinating profile of the company and its founders - read more:

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