Taxi! James Bond style cab app available in London

Hi-tech taxi wars have gone to a new level as Londoners are now able to book a cab simply by speaking into their smart watch. The mobile phone app GetTaxi has extended its service, originally launched five years ago, to Android Wear smart watches.

Black Cabs have linked up

Black Cabs can now be hailed from a smartwatch Image by Mark Hillary / CC BY 2.0

The Evening Standard reports that would-be passengers just speak directly into the device which in turn sends a vehicle to where the caller is located. The taxi sends back push notifications to the watch with information concerning how far away they are and when they expect to arrive. They also forward the types of payments which can be made and also your feedback on the driver.

Currently, the service is only available on Android Wear, but the creators of the device plan to to extend it to all smart watches. Rich Pleeth, of GetTaxi, explained how the new gadget operates. “Just say ‘OK Google, call me a taxi,’” he explained and wait for the car to arrive. His taxi app is the only one to work exclusively with black cabs.

It is a keen rival to Uber, the minicab app that has caused quite a bit of controversy in London because the black cab drivers object to the other company having been granted a private hire licence. They claim Uber infringes on their right to be the only users of taximeters in the city. The matter is now in the London High Court for a ruling.

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