Taiwanese tourist trapped on Australia’s Uluru

Uluru, Australia.

Uluru, Australia. Image by Corey Leopold / CC BY 2.0

A tourist has been winched 200 metres up the side of Uluru to a spot where a helicopter can land to rescue him after he spent Thursday night trapped in a crevice with a suspected broken leg. The operation has been difficult and rescuers have been concerned for the man’s health. He was only wearing a light t-shirt and shorts and temperatures dropped to six degrees Celsius overnight. Rescuers had to abseil down the vertical face of the rock to drop food and water to the man. Climbing Uluru is dangerous and is not condoned by the local Anangu people, but has not been banned outright.  On the park’s website and signposted at the base is a message from the Indigenous custodians saying:'We feel great sadness when a person dies or is hurt on our land. We worry about you and we worry about your family.'

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