Sydney surfer has lucky escape at Bondi Beach

A surfer had a close encounter with a shark at Bondi Beach on Tuesday when it jumped on his surfboard.

A surfer at Bondi Beach.

A surfer at Bondi Beach. Image by istolethetv / CC BY 2.0

The Sydney man, Dean Norburn, told AFP: "We were just past the break and as I was paddling in a little bit, I slowed down and went to sit up on my board and... as I did that, the shark brushed by me and landed on my board." He was understandably spooked and paddled back to shore as fast as he could. Bondi Rescue Lifeguards reported that Norburn was not hurt and the lifeguards cleared the water. Authorities are looking at ways to keep swimmers and surfers safe in the water along the New South Wales coast from controversial ‘drum’ lines to aerial drone tracking of sharks. Read more:

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